Why do I watch Japanese Dramas?

“Japanese dramas are weird”

“I don’t understand their jokes”

“The actors are not handsome!”

“No romance in Japanese Dramas, it’s no fun to watch!”


and so on and so on…

There are so many negative comments I’ve heard from people about Japanese Dramas; or usually called jdrama.


So why I watch them?


Not because of the actors, because I agree with many people; Korean actors more handsome. lol

Actually, maybe it was because I love their culture at first, but then get hooked because I love how they convey deep messages through dramas. I changed some point of view thanks to some dramas


For example, I watched a drama titled Good Luck!
From the drama, I learned that what I thought about justice was not justice.
The drama was about a co-pilot, then there was one episode where a politician being a passenger of a plane he was in.
The politician went mad due to his fear of plane when the plane had just taken off, and the pilot told the co-pilot that they will go back to the airport to let the politician off from the plane. The co-pilot angry and said to the pilot that he was not fair because he decided to go back just because of a politician. Then the pilot asked the co-pilot, what would he do if the one went made was an 80 years old woman; then the co-pilot couldn’t say a thing.

It was same for me. I only thought “what? you will go back just because of one dirty politician?”
But then hey, a dirty politician is also a human; he is also a passenger. If we are talking about fairness, then we should not think about who is poor and who is rich; who are weak and who is strong; who has power and who has not; who are good and who are bad.  We should see everyone in the same position when we are talking about fairness or justice.


Another example, when I watched Proposal Daisakusen.
In the drama, the main character was going to lose his first love because she was getting married to another man. Then someone came to him and said he can go back time only by saying a spell. So there the drama goes, the main character goes back time in each episode. However, nothing changed. So then I started thinking that we should not regret wanting to get back time. Mistakes made us. We should learn from mistakes. Without that, nothing is going to change even if we retry the condition. So each time passed is a precious memory, and everything happens for a reason; to make us a grow (inside).


So I think I really enjoy watching jdramas because they give me a different point of view from what I most see. I love knowing a unique opinion that can make me feel that I’m not mature yet. Just like my favourite quote: “someone who knows the best knows how little he/she knows”, in my opinion, maturity is the same. I don’t like thinking that I’m mature. I think that if someone feels herself/himself is mature, it’s a sign that she/he is childish; and I hate being childish.


(actually, in addition, I watch them so that I can improve my Japanese listening skill. Lately, I have no time to watch, so I just play them and hear the conversation :P. If it seems interesting, I re-watch them, including the visual. lol)


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