Mathematics and Informatics/Computer Science

Ok, I was confuse to choose wether it’s “Informatics” or “Computer Science”. I read many sources, asked many people, but nothing come in conclusion. So I just write both for the title. However, since the faculty I am currently work in is called “Informatics”, let’s use that in the post.

So, it’s me, a lecturer of Informatics, but graduated in Mathematics. Is that even make sense?

Absolutely yes, if you know what we learn in Mathematics department.

Back when I was in undergraduate, when people heard that I was studying Mathematics, most of people said “Wow, you must be good at calculating!”
Or when I went out with friend and we have to split the bill, they gave it to me. “Let’s Mathematician solve it for us…”, they said.

That, is what has been mistaken a lot. We are not learning to be good at calculating! But we are learning to be good at analysis and logics!

But why am I doing in Informatics? Can I even code? Do Mathematician even learn how to code?

Oh yes, we have the class since the 3rd semester. I made a game as a project for one class in 3rd semester. It was simple, but to be honest I think it was more difficult than tasks I give to 5th semester students now. (^^;)

And the programming continued each semester, until the last semester I had in Mathematics.

So most people’s thoughts are wrong, that I started learn coding in master degree. I actually choose the major because I love coding.


Why we learn coding in Mathematics?

That was my friends thoughts back then.

Will you solve things with only Math?


You might be understand but some other people might not.

So we need help from computer to present the formula so that other people can understand what can they got with it.

Of course computer can also help us to calculate things in big scale. It’s a big hand for us.

We, make system so that people can use our formula in one click; it’s a huge hand for people.


And, why we learn Mathematics in Informatics?

Big mistake if you think there are no correlation between them.

How can we solve a problem using computer? We need modelling, and most modelling use Mathematics.

Also, so many theories in Informatics use Algebra Theory.

Actually, that’s also one of the reasons why I choose Informatics.


I learned about Algebra in Mathematics. But can I actually use what I learned?

I can, in Informatics. What I’m interested in now, Homomorphic Encryption, use a lot of Mathematics. Algebra to be specific.


I learned a lot of abstract subjects in Mathematics, and really love to know how can I use them. I’m still learning and looking forward to what can be learned in the future.






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