Fact or Fiction #3

Another angkot story..
(you can read the explanation of “angkot” in Fact or Fiction #1..)

Usually, angkot are waiting for passenger until the driver thinks the angkot is full enough to go..
I was going to go home, and saw an angkot stopped, waiting for passenger..
So I got in the angkot and took the front seat.
Not long after that, the angkot started to go.

By using the angkot, I supposed to get off from the angkot and walk for some minutes.

Time for me to get off, I said “Kiri”…
but hey, the angkot wasn’t stopped!
It turned left instead.. (kiri=left)
The angkot supposed to be go straight.. :panda_crazy:

Then the angkot passed my house. I asked the driver to stop.
Then, the driver stopped the angkot, and he was confused.
Me, confused even more.. :panda_crazy:

But then I got off from the angkot and paid the fee…
The driver was shocked and asked me if I am a part of the family…

“The family?”, I said.

“Yes, this family”, said the driver while pointing all people that were sitting in the back seats.
I saw the family and they were looking at me like I am an alien.

From that moment, I knew what happened…
I got in an angkot that was booked by the family… :panda_protest:

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