Fact or Fiction #2

One day, after school, I was so lazy to go home…
So I hung out in school with some friends until the afternoon, almost dark.

Time to back home.
But I wanted to pee…
I went to a restroom, but
the restroom was locked.
Tried the other restroom, and all restrooms were locked.
Only one boys’ restroom was open.
Very open (read: no door)… :panda_cry:

I thought of pee-ing in there, but as I enter the restroom, there was a boy inside…
so mission incomplete.

I thought of going to an English school in front of my school.
5 steps to reach the English school, my friend told me that I have to go to another building quickly. There was a very important thing there. She told me to bear my will to go to restroom, only for 15 minutes.

Then, see you later, restroom.

I went to that building, but it wasn’t only 15 minutes!!! :panda_cry:
I couldn’t bear it anymore. :panda_shake:
So I went to emergency stairs and YAY! MISSION COMPLETE!!  :panda_clap: ~badly~ :panda_protest:
I peed on the stairs.

And bad me, I left without cleaning the stairs…
Feel so sorry to the cleaning people… :panda_finger:

My skirt was wet…
but thanks God, when I went out of the building, the rain was falling..so I made my whole body wet… :panda_wave:

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