Fact or Fiction #1

Here in my city, we have public transportation that’s called “angkot”.

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when we want to stop, we have to say “KIRI” out loud so that the driver can hear us and stop the car. (“Kiri” means “Left”)

Then one day, I and my friends were going home by angkot.
Somehow, the angkot was full of people from my school.
Only 2-4 people that weren’t my schoolmate.

The angkot was very old. Its machine gave a very noisy sound.
Then on the way, I heard someone said “KIRI” but the driver didn’t stop.
So then I tried to help her…
I screamed “KIRI” out loud with all my might, and YAY!! the angkot stopped.
~MISSION COMPLETE~ :panda_dance:


but hey…
All people were looking at me…
includes the guy I liked…

no one got off from the angkot…
no one said “Kiri” before…
it was only in my imagination

then there I was…People laughed at me..people that I had to see again for months…

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