Fact or Fiction #4

Almost one year after I entered university, I joined an organization in my college. To join this organization, we had to do some orientation. It was a quite harsh orientation, with the un-written silly rules: seniors always right, newbies always wrong, and if senior wrong, back to the first rule. So yeah, there were a lot of devil seniors..only about 7 seniors were smiling to us.

Then one day during those orientation days, there was one condition that makes us have to keep silent. No one was allowed to speak, not even seniors.

Then during that silence time,,
I wanted to fart so badly  :panda_wispher:
I meant to bear it, but I couldn’t hold it… :panda_finger:
So there I was, farted in the middle of silence.
and  :panda_sweat: With a big sound of a fart.

Other newbies were looking at my direction…
They didn’t know who farted, but they heard the sound from my area, and there were some other people around me.
great :panda_clap:
my innocent side said “Did you hear that?” with a guilty face :panda_shock:

Good thing that it was orientation time, so people couldn’t laugh.
And seniors weren’t mad at me although I didn’t remain silent.

But after that…My friends were laughing hard at me…
And after orientation ended, my senior said…
At that time, the seniors went to the backside and were laughing hard, silently…

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